A1529 developpement and implementation of an evidence-based guideline for aging workers in Luxembourg

Thursday, March 22, 2012: 17:00
Bacalar 2 (Cancun Center)
Nicole Majery, occupational health, Stm, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Valerie Delfosse, occupational health, STM, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
In Luxembourg, early retirement is still very common, but the Minister of Labor is implementing a national plan to maintain older workers at work. Therefore the Service de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel, the largest occupational health service is developing and implementing an evidence-based guideline on this topic.

6 occupational health physicians have been trained by Prof. Carel Hulshof and Prof. Jos Verbeek to use Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) method. One of the guidelines developed was on ageing workers.A systematic review of the literature has been performed using EBM method and was the background for the guideline.

The review was focused on predictive factors of early retirement, the attitude, prejudices and reluctance of employers to hire older workers and how to stimulate employees to stay longer at work. Specific advices for employers and also for occupational health practitioners have been formulated. This guideline will be available on the Intranet database and will provide advices and questionnaires for the medical exams and for meetings with human resources managers. One of the aims is to anticipate adapted duties regarding the aging workforce.

The guideline is developed and will be implemented by a test group during the next 12 months. The questionnaire will be used and evaluated during this period and adapted if necessary. The recommendations have also been submitted to the Minister of Labor to be part of the national action plan.