SS103-6 CEPA and Johnson & Johnson: safe driving partnership in Latin America

Monday, March 19, 2012: 17:00
Xcaret 2 (Cancun Center)
Dunca Espiga, Uruguay
As a company that specializes in road safety and traffic crash prevention, CEPA provides high quality road safety solutions in alignment with Johnson & Johnson’s SAFE Fleet throughout the Latin America and Caribbean region. 

We recognize that the success of any fleet safety program is based on a comprehensive approach, not only from a driver training standpoint nor exclusively from an assessment and process standpoint. 

This is why the following elements, which will be covered in the presentation, are considered key pillars for a successful fleet safety program: 

• Fleet driver and event (collisions, incidents, fines, miles travelled, etc.) data assessment via the CEPA Data Center. This allows us to establish driver profile, needs and areas of opportunity, crash rates, preventability, at risk drivers, etc. 
• Actions and goals planned in compliance with the aforementioned data. 
• Different types of driver training, road safety campaigns, and other actions carried out to meet established goals, always considering the needs of each group based on continuously updated information. 
• Overall assessment of the fleet safety program, results attained, and individual driver evolution. 
• Recognition and reward of safe behaviors. 

It is important to emphasize the commitment of the SAFE Fleet teams, who incorporate these elements in their approach and delivery to all J&J employees and their families. 

A program of such magnitude requires partners who thoroughly understand the needs of the client company throughout the different regions, countries, and divisions. Moreover, this partner must be willing to tailor and accommodate its services to meet these needs. CEPA is proud to meet such needs and go beyond compliance. 

The success attained with different corporations has inspired governments in the region that have implemented similar programs based on the same key pillars. (IMESEVI Mexico)